FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - U.S. non-farm payrolls have declined by 11,000 in November, instead of the 111.000 decline expected by the analysts; Unemployment rate has declined to 10.0% from 10.2% in October; Dollar appreciates while Yen crosses drop.

EUR/USD has extended its pulldown from 1.5090 session high with the Dollar dropping from levels around 1.5070 to 1.5005 low so far.

USD/JPY has broken above 88.45 week high as the Dollar soared more than 100 pips after NFP data was released, reaching levels around 89.45 at the moment of writing

GBP/USD has pulled down aggressively from 1.6675 intra-day high to levels around 16580 minutes after NFP data was released.