U.S. officials have revealed that an American detained in Pakistan after killing two men worked for the U.S. spy agency as a contractor, and not as a diplomat as previously said, according to reports.

Raymond Davis, 36, who is currently detained in a Pakistani jail, reportedly opened fire on two Pakistani men who attempted to rob him in January in the second largest Pakistani city of Lahore.

Reports say Davis was working from a safe house. Davis is a retired Special Forces soldier, according to the New York Times.

He scouted and conducted reconnaissance missions as a security officer for the Central Intelligence Agency.

U.S. officials revealed the information to the Washington Post and New York Times, which published reports on their respective websites.

The publications say they had previously agreed to withhold the information at the request of the Obama administration, because it feared that doing so would put Davis' life at risk. Officials lifted the request after other publications revealed some aspects of Davis' work with the agency, according to the reports.