FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The personal income in United States increased in May more than expected, the same way of personal Spending. Prices for Core PCE keep in May the same rate of April, according to data provide by the US Department Commerce.

In May, personal income increased 1.9% to 225.7 billion, well above of the expected increase of 0.4%. April data was revised up to 0.3% from 0.2% posted previously. Personal Spending rose 0.8% in May from April, more than 0.6% increases expected by market. April data was revised up to 0.4% increases from 0.2% posted initially.

Price for Core PCE in May rose 0.1% at same pace of April, but slightly less than 0.2% expected. Year to year, Price index for Core-PCE was posted at 2.1% in May, same April's rate.

Price index for total PCE increased 0.4% between April and May, and 3.1% Yearly.