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Ahead of the U.S. market open and the FOMC Minutes from the last rate meeting due for release at 14:00 EDT the pre-market volume and price action is light. The long side of the Gbp/Usd Trade Plan triggered after the Bank of England Minutes from the last meeting were posted. TeamLFB members said. Outside of that every major pair is sitting very close to its neutral pivot point line; an idication of indecision in the forex market today.

Global equity markets have moved higher, but as yet that has failed to weaken the dollar. S&P Futures are close to the high of Tuesday's Wall Street trade, while oil holds $60. All-in-all a negative Usd day that as yet has failed to follow through.

We saw in the Asian session overnight that dollar buyers are few and far between at the moment. the Trade Team members said.

EuroLongMildThis week has seen a move higher in-line with oil markets and equity movement.
CableLongStrongSideways moves in May, interjected with seven or eight 1 hour moves that now have a strong trend in place.
AussieLongStrongFollowing equity markets higher, and backing the moves in gold. The pair looks strong.
SwissyShortMildCould literally go anywhere, take care here. In short mode, but can easily reverse.
CadShortMildJust consolidating a short period of trade that now runs into support. Look for a long bounce off the test of 1.1450.
YenMixedMildLooking to reverse the short mode; moves reveal just how much the market feels forced into dollar buying.