The U.S stocks managed to enter a green zone within the closing session on speculation that the economy up till now is on the right track to recovery and as a result of overall and as a result of overall cheerful and better-than expected earnings posted so far from huge U.S corporations, companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Intel Corporation and others, which pushed benchmark indexes to a one-year high, while that the green Benjamin that the dollar approached a 14-month low to drive commodity prices higher and accordingly energy shares posted gains in today's session

The Dow Jones Industrial Average index gained 96.28 points or 0.96% to close at 10092.19, The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index gained 10.23 points or 0.94% to close at 1097.91, The NASDAQ Composite Index gained 19.52 points or 0.91% to close at 2176.32.