FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Wall Street has opened with losses on Tuesday on as investor's have withdrawn their confidence on energy and financial shares. Euro and Pound are trying to pick up after declines during the European session and the Dollar-Yen has found support above 100.00.

Dow Jones Industrial Index is going through losses by 2.05% and Nasdaq Index drops 2.07% minutes after the opening bell. Bank of America and Citigroup have posted losses beyond 2% while Alcoa fell 5% as it is expected to post losses on its quarterly results.

Furthermore, Georges Soros' affirmation that the current equities rally is just a pullback on a bear market, and that it will not last, has turned investors more pessimistic.

Euro and Pound try to pick up after declines in European session

The Pound has bounced at 1.4580 after its decline from 1.4750 intra-day high, and so far is reaching above 1.4680 level.

The Euro has bounced at 1.3225 intra-day low, reaching at 1.3290 maximum level to turn down again, after the negative opening of U.S. markets to test support level at 1.3250.

USD/JPY decline from 101.10 opening price seems to have found support at 99.90 and the pair has moved up towards next resistance level at 100.35, although resistance remains intact so far.