The U.S stocks declined by the end of today's trading session as the worse than expected fundamentals released from the U.S. economy, whereas US Leading Indicators for October plunged to 0.3%; worse than the forecasted reading of 0.4% and the prior reading of 1.0%.

However, we witnessed a drop in financial stocks, as concerns mounted concerning a recovery in the world's largest economy, knowing that today's US news regarding the labor sector and the overall economic conjuncture came in worse than forecasted.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average index shed 93.87 points or 0.90% to close at 10332.44 levels, The Standard & Poor's 500 Index lost 14.90 points or 1.34% to close at 1094.90 levels, The NASDAQ Composite Index declined 36.32 points or 1.66% to close at 2156.82 levels.