The plan that was built and designed to save the world from an imminent implosion of the famous U.S. toxic plan is starting to look just like a distant memory, since U.S. officials are planning to halt its application. 
The Treasury, under Mr. Geither’s leadership, was planning to use the U.S. Toxic asset plan to help banks get rid of the toxic assets locked on bank’s balance sheets. The plan was supposed to find the best price for the toxic assets in an auction sale, were hedge funds and banks would had bid with a staggering majority of funds taken from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 

However, the plan fell short because both banks and other financial institutions appeared reluctant to join the toxic asset plan because of fears that Congress would impose pay caps to the companies’ executives if funds were used. That is not the smartest decision; to threaten the pay check and eventually the position of the person in charge of making important decisions, when you are trying to reach an agreement with them is a little hard to implement.

In addition to investors’ reluctance to join the program, government officials look ready to halt the U.S. asset plan. Recently, the FDIC postponed a pilot sales program, which was supposed to benchmark the system. Moreover, Treasury officials said that banks can now raise enough capital individually, making the program look ineffective. Trade noted that, to some extent, the U.S. asset buying plan was one of the greatest plans that did not see the light of day. Even though the plan provided strong support for the equity market when it was announced, it looks like it was nothing more than hot air. For now, the Treasury can change its focus once again towards the U.S. debt mountain, adding some more hot air to that instead, with public displays of a “Strong Dollar Policy”. From what the financial market have witnessed over the course of the last decade, empty words and wild talk seems to be the way forward. And now to the bubble-mobile, we have another boom cycle to create.

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