FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Trade deficit rose to the level of 57.8 billion dollars in October from the 57.12 billion dollars revised reading posted in September, according to the latest report by US Census Bureau.

The market expectations were a lower reading of 57.30 billion dollars deficit in October. September's deficit was upwardly revised from the level of 56.45 billio dollars.

Trade deficit of goods rose to the level of 66.77 billion dollars in October from the 65.85 billion registered in September. Trade surplus of services increased to the level of 8.949 billion dollars from the 8.731 billion dollars posted previous month.

Exports increased to the level of 141.68 billion dollars in October from the 140.42 billion posted previous month. Imports also rose in October, reaching the 199.506 billion dollars from the 197.540 billion seen in September.

Exports of food, feeds and beberages declined in October to the level of 7.89 billion dollars from the 8.323 billion posted last month. Industrial supplies also fell in the month reaching the 7.78 billion reading in the month from the previous 27.98 billion dollars.

Exports of Capital goods rose to 39.17 billion from the 37.89 billion dollars registered in September, while exports of automotive vehicles remained relatively unchanged in the level of 10.45 billion dollars.