EUR/USD (1.4874)
European & US sessions forecast levels: 1.4625/1.4925
Trend Sessions: European: Neutral/Downward
US: Neutral/Downward
Market Focus: 8:30 AM Average Workweek, Hourly Earnings, Non-farm payrolls, Unemployment Rate, 10:00 AM Wholesale Inventories, 2:00 PM Consumer Credit, 6:00 AM Germany Factory orders.
Daily Strategy: The euro/dollar trading consolidates in a short trading range ahead the key jobs report today. It is very important to see whether the U.S. economy is on the way to recover as hold the current job places. The forecasts show that Unemployment Rate may rise to 9.9% or even 10.0% as the forecast of The forecast for today is expectation for dollar recovery, as the investors will back to the dollar safety.