R: 1.0220 / 1.0250-70 / 1.0300
S: 1.0125-00 / 1.0070 / 1.0020-00

Swiss failed in its attempt made to break above 1.0200 during the day and is continuing to trade lower. The Support region 1.0125-00 mentioned earlier might be tested in the US session today. A break below 1.0100 might see 1.0050-30 on the downside. Any sharp upmove is not looking likely now. However a strong break above 1.0200 might see a rise towards 1.0250-70 in the coming sessions. As the broader picture remains bearish a rally towards 1.0250-70 could be an opportunity to take short positions.

Limit Sell Order:
Sell USD 10K at 1.0260, SL 1.0340, TP Open