The U.S. dollar advanced against the Japanese yen and the other major currencies in the Asian session on Thursday, with investor optimism, where the Federal Reserve Bank shoed no intention of increasing or continuing the program of quantitative easing, which increased the demand for the greenback against other currencies.

On the other hand the dollar continues to trade at its highest level in 11 months against the Japanese yen, where the pair recorded its highest level today at 84.16 after the opening of the trading session at 83.82 before scoring its lowest at 83.81.

As, for the Australian dollar against its U.S. counterpart, where it traded in a narrow range in today's session, recording its highest at 1.0468 and lowest at 1.0447, where it comes after the Australian economy the advance in the consumer expectations of inflation in March to reach 2.7% from 2.5%, which contributed in the advance of the Australian dollar, but it is still trading near its lowest level in two months.

Also, the NZD dollar rose against the U.S. dollar today, from its lowest level in two months, the pair is currently trading at 0.8097, where it reached its highest level at 0.8106 and the lowest at 0.8095.

Heading to Europe, where the euro zone is waiting today for the issuance of the ECB's monthly report, along with employment -rates data for the euro zone, which may contribute on the movement of major currencies against the U.S. dollar during today's session.