The Dollar Index traded near the weakest level in almost a year against the currencies of six major U.S. trading partners as record low borrowing costs encouraged investors to sell the greenback and buy higher-yielding assets. The index was at 77.002, after dropping yesterday as much as 0.7% to 76.803, the lowest level since Sept. 26, 2008.

The USD continues to suffer downward pressure as investors continue to anticipate that the global economy is emerging from recession, which makes them more willing to sell Dollars and invest in riskier currencies and commodities. At the same time, while the Fed's program helped pull the U.S out of the recession, it also pumped a lot of Dollars into the economy and with the continuous rise in the unemployment rate it is unlikely the Fed will raise interest rates any time soon.

Abundance of supply of USD, and a very low return on Dollar denominated assets due to the low interest rate, makes the greenback highly unappealing to investors; possibly replacing the JPY as the carry trade currency of choice.

The release of the Trade Balance and the Unemployment Claims figures is due to be released today at 12:30 GMT. With the unemployment numbers expected to show some improvement, a worse than expected result might help reverse some of the Dollar's recent losses.