The U.S. Dollar held small gains late Thursday as pessimism about the strength of the economic outlook put selling pressure on stocks and higher-yielding currencies. The currency had been lower earlier with stocks rising after the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's index on manufacturing jumped far more than forecast this month.

The U.S Dollar also traded higher against the Yen at 91.21, up from 90.84 yen Wednesday. The Dollar sank to a seven-month low against the Japanese currency on Wednesday. The Dollar's slide against the yen picked up pace after Japan's Finance Minister Hirohisa Fujii said a strong yen had advantages for the nation's economy.

The Dollar has been on the ropes in recent weeks, with the Dollar index losing 2.41% this month. Pressure has been tied in part to rising risk appetite, which has seen investors shun the greenback's safe-haven status in favor of equities and other assets.

Still analysts expect the U.S Dollar to resume its more traditional relationship with economic data, rising with positive economic news and falling when the outlook for the U.S. turns gloomier.