The US Dollar experienced an exciting trading day on Monday as a rise in risk averse trading helped add an early morning boost, followed by a retracing of Friday's levels. Against the EUR, the greenback climbed to as high as 1.4610 before coming back down and closing the day at 1.4717. Versus the British Pound, the USD gained as much as 90 pips, with a high mark of 1.6134, before coming back up and closing out the trading day at the 1.6250 level.

With a decision regarding the Federal Funds Rate looming, traders are becoming more aware of the potential delay in any increase to short-term interest rates due to the instability of global economies recently. Britain has made similar overtures, as did the Euro-Zone in its recent discussions. However, the question still remains over whether the global economy is indeed recovering as many were expecting. This uncertainty drives many investors back into safe-havens for the short-run until things become clearer.

As far as the North-Western Hemisphere is concerned today, the United States is not due to release much data of concern. Canada, on the other hand, is going to release vital data regarding its retail sales levels, which last week caused a stir among the USD and EUR. Growth in Canadian sales may help return the Loonie back to a bullish posture, but forecasts appear modest at best. This Wednesday's US interest rate decision appears to be this week's primary event for Dollar traders.