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 The USD/CAD has been consolidating in an expanding pattern that twisted and turned but had corrective structure throughout. The 4H chart shows that the latest bear swing however is in a impulse wave: 1-2-3-4-5. As the market accelerates below the projected declining support and the 4H RSI reading dips below 30, a bearish continuation is signaled.

With the RSI below 30 and a 5-wave swing completing, we might expect some pullback. Now this 5-wave dip could be the 1st wave of a developing impulse wave going down. When we look at the daily chart, we see that we are in a wave (v) of a wave 3 of either a (C) or (III) wave. this wave (v) which ends 3 can be projected to 0.97 with a fibonacci expansion of wave (i).

Then a pullback, wave 4 should not break above 1.0045, wave 1, after which a wave 5 to complete (C) or (III) can be anticipated.

This scenario means a short-term anticipation of bearish continuation toward 0.97, 0.9650, after which a major pullback (like Dec 2011′s) can be expected but not to push beyond 1.0045. Then another wave down can be expected to target the 0.94-0.9450 lows from 2011. A break above 1.0050 suggests reassessment of the wave count, and suggests that the bear run was corrective and could be over.

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