USD/CHF's break of 1.0857 minor support flips intraday bias back to the upside and confirms that fall from 1.0985 has completed with three waves down to 1.0650. In other words, rise fro 1.0590 is possibly resuming and break of 1.0985 will target key resistance zone of 1.1158/1740 next. On the downside, down 1.0745 minor support will dampen this bullish view and turn focus back to 1.0590/0650 support zone.

In the bigger picture, price actions from 1.2296 are treated as consolidation to whole rally from 0.9634, with first leg completed at 1.0366, second at 1.1963. The third leg from 1.1963 is tentatively treated as completed at 1.0590 already and hence, strong rally is now in favor to 1.1158/1.1740 resistance zone. Nevertheless, we'd favor that such consolidation is developing into triangle pattern and hence, upside should be limited by 1.1158/1740 initially and bring one more fall before completing the consolidation. However, break of 1.1963 will serve as the first signal that whole rally from 0.9634 is resuming.

On the other hand, note that a break of 1.0590 will indicate that fall from 1.1963 is still in progress for 1.0366, or even further to 100% projection of 1.2296 to 1.0366 from 1.1963 at 1.0033 before completing the consolidation from 1.2296.