FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - USD/CHF decline from 1.1800 has found a bottom at 1.1486 (Mar 6 low) and the pair seem to be picking up and climbing towards 1.1630 resistance level.

In the hourly chart, the pair seems slightly bullish and crawls towards resistance level at 1.1620 (Mar 6 high);above here, next resistance level comes at 1.1675, and then 1.1700/10. On the Downside 1.1560/70 is the nearest support level before long time support at 1.1500, and below there, 1.1460 (Feb 20 and 23 low).

The range between 1.1500 and 1.1800 is proving to be a rather strong one, and the USD/CHF has been moving within these two levels for the last five weeks, and according to John Kicklighter, economist at FXCM, the pair could remain here for some time: USDCHF is perhaps the best the best equipped range-based pairs in the market to hold out should economics act up. While the US and Swiss economy have vastly different growth potential and exposure to further financial troubles, each is considered a safe haven. This negated exposure should help to buffer USDCHF to much of the volatility and momentum that builds through a shift in risk appetite that could send other pairs rallying.