The dollar traded mostly higher against its rivals on Wednesday as US housing starts fell to a record low and President Barack Obama released a 75 billion dollar housing program to stem home foreclosures. US stocks were little changed, testing support from the bear-market lows of November 2008. more details.

Hans Nilsson Wed, 18 February 2009 17:50:00 EDT 2009-2-18 - The dollar rose against its rivals on Tuesday as international equities slumped on concern that banks may face further losses amid a deepening global recession. New York manufacturing dropped to a record low and US homebuilder confidence remained near a record low in February. more details.

Hans Nilsson Tue, 17 February 2009 17:50:00 EDT 2009-2-17 - The dollar and yen fell against other major currencies on Friday as talk of a US government plan to subsidize mortgage payments boosted risk appetite ahead of this weekend's G-7 meeting in Rome. The most important result of this meeting would be to contain rising protectionist sentiment. more details.

Hans Nilsson Fri, 13 February 2009 18:20:00 EDT 2009-2-13 - The dollar rose against its rivals on Thursday but later pared gains after US stocks reversed earlier large losses. The large sell-off in the financial sector relented on speculation that the government is working to subsidize some mortgage payments. more details.

Hans Nilsson Thu, 12 February 2009 17:50:00 EDT 2009-2-12 - The dollar was flat against most major currencies on Wednesday. The yen was little changed while US stocks advanced on optimism the US economic-stimulus package looked likely to pass. The euro was modestly lower after European Central Bank Executive Board member Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Paramo said the current interest rate is not the lowest that policy makers can envisage. more details.

Hans Nilsson Wed, 11 February 2009 17:50:00 EDT 2009-2-11 - The dollar rose against the euro but fell versus the yen in NY trading Tuesday on increased risk aversion after the administration's financial-recovery plan did little to boost investor confidence in the financial sector. The euro extended overnight losses, falling on concerns over the eurozone's exposure to Eastern Europe's debt debacle. more details .

Hans Nilsson Tue, 10 February 2009 17:50:00 EDT 2009-2-10 - In New York trading Monday, the dollar and yen traded lower on a modest increase in risk appetite asTreasury Secretary Timothy Geithner delayed the announcement of the financial-rescue package. The new plan is believed to target the most troubled banks and involve government guarantees and private funding as a new component to address the toxic debt clogging banks' balance sheets. more details.

Hans Nilsson Mon, 9 February 2009 18:03:00 EDT 2009-2-9 - The dollar and yen were lower on Friday as risk appetite increased and demand for safe haven flows declined. US stocks rallied for a second day on optimism the government's financial-recovery stimulus package will pass soon following today's reports on dismal job losses. Nonfarm payrolls fell the most since December 1974 and the unemployment rate reached the highest level since September 1992. more details.

Hans Nilsson Fri, 6 February 2009 17:50:00 EDT 2009-2-6 - The dollar traded mixed against its rivals ahead of Friday's labor reports that will possibly show the US lost additional 540K jobs in January as the unemployment rate jumped to 7.5%. US stocks lost as much as 1.5% in early trading after US initial jobless claims jumped to the highest level since 1982. more details.

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