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After a parabolic rally from 76.00, the USD/JPY has retraced from 84.16 back to 83.00. The 1H chart shows a market that has completed an ABC correction where A=C as the USD/JPY tags the 83.00 handle. (Actually, exact wave equality would require C to reach 82.90). This is also near the 50% retracement of the 81.95-84.16 swing, which is at 83.06. The RSI shows loss of bullish momentum as we have this zig zag type correction, which some harmonic wave practitioners would call a Gartley.

Looking at the location of a rising trendline and the 200-hour simple moving average, this market is still bullish until we break below these support factors below 82.50. Then, we can be looking at a more significant correction. In the mean time the area between 82.50 and 83.00 could be one of renewed buying even if its within a larger consolidation pattern and no longer a bullish continuation toward the 84.50-85.50 resistance area noted in the last update.

Note that the 4H RSI would be nearing 40 if the market nears 82.50. A market with bullish momentum should remain above 82.50 and keep the RSI above 40. Otherwise, we should be looking at a slide down to test the 81.80-82.00 pivot area for further corrective downside risk. If the market pushes below 81.80. breaks, bullish expectations should be limited to the short-term and to the context of a consolidation, contained below 84.16.


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