FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Dollar upward move from 97.60 low has stalled at 98.45 resistance level and the pair remains hovering below there ahead of U.S Jobless Claims data.

According to Carol Harmer, technical analyst at Charmer Charts, some underlying strength might take the Dollar higher: This morning you have seen the market come higher just breaking the fib level of 98.38 for 98.44. There is still some underlying strength within this market and as long as 98.08 captures the lows buyers will stick to their guns and try their hardest to push this higher.

In Harmer's point of view 98.90 resistance level might trigger a profit-taking reversal: 98.90/94 is the level that is looking to entice. Buyers will be taking profits at these higher levels and sellers will be hovering about looking to get in quick and lead this lower once more to 98.38.

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