The pair rebounded at the fibo 38.2, after losing 90 yens per dollar, marking a double floor at 89.816 again, an area that coincides with the fibo 61.8, marked from 87.375 to 93.766. If it turns, the pair will have to go up to 90.9. Once there, the pair could gain strength. Despite that, it will need market strength, as it will meet with 90.785, a significant resistance from the daily chart, which coincides with the fibo 50 (marked from 91.882 to 89.782) and, ahead, with the fibo 61.8, which could slow down the price at 91.198, a breaking point last Thursday. These would be the main levels, before retracing all the movement, getting to 91.882. Below, not holding the fibo 31.8 could send the price again to 89.816, where it could turn again, leaving a lateral. If it clears it, the price could go back to 87.375 during the next days/weeks. All this means that the fibo 61.8 is very critical.