FXstreet.com (Buenos Aires) - USD/JPY Current Price: 89.22. Not much change since last update, pair remains above the 89.00 level, and back moving in tight ranges. Having formed a probable double floor in the hourly around 88.75, neck line lie around 89.10, that should hold the downside to consider the figure valid, and see the pair attempting to move higher.

Under that level, bearish pressure will come back to play in the pair, and break under that 88.75 support zone, likely to trigger some downside acceleration; meanwhile the upside likely to remain capped by the 90.00 area during next sessions, Valeria Bednarik, collaborator at FXstreet.com.

Support levels: 89.10 88.80 88.20. Resistance levels: 89.40 89.70 90.00.