The USDJPY found a good resistance around 93 yens per dollar. Since then, the price is correcting and we marked a fibo from 87.37 to 93.247, with the fibo 23.6 at 91.86. If the pair advances, the fibo 38.2 is at 91, very close to the main support at 90.784. From the one hour chart, we observe how the price found some support at 91.683, to try to climb up to 91.868. Once there, the price could regain positions, as it will not have even corrected the fibo 23.6 (yesterday's high and today's low), close to the resistance at 92.073. If there's a strong movement, 92.205/329 are points to consider. Below, there are three significant support at 91.556/397/141 before the fibo 38.2 from the daily chart. These three levels were supports where the price gained strength and climbed, so they are potential bullish rebound levels.


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