The pair performed a strong movement upwards, closing with the daily candle over yesterday's high, which helps the uptrend. For that, if it continues retracing, it could stop at the fibo 38.2 (marked from 88.33 to 89.953), which coincides with the support at 89.329. So, today's goal is to break yesterday's high at 89.953, consolidating 90 yens per dollar. If it continues advancing, 90.415 would be allured to closed the gap, opened on December 4th. Below, breaking the fibo 38.2 would be very important to get there, not having to break 89.73 or building a double top at 89.953. After 89.333, the fibo 50 by the support at 89.093 will come into play. Also, depending on the hour at it trades in that area, it could coincide with the up trend marked since December 9th.


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