FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Dollar Yen cross has been trading in a triangle pattern, and according to Ted Wilson, technical analyst at iForex.com, I not clear which way it will go: Trading remained in narrow range for the USD/JPY and the picture is still not clear whether 113.70 or 112.75 will be broken first. Resistance remains at 113.70, which is 61.75% correction of the drop 117.90 - 107.30, followed by the key level at 114.80, and 115.30, which is 75.8% correction of the above mentioned drop. Support levels, according to Wilson, stand as follows: Supports are expected at 112.75, where are the lowest quotes from the last sessions, followed by 111.80, which is 50.3% correction of the climb 109.60 - 113.55, and 111.20, which is 61.8% correction of the same climb.