The Jpy/Usd bottomed at 84.96 on 11/27/2009 and founds it´s recent high at 93.67 on 7/8/2010.

A X-Sequentials X7 had been formed .

It´s price projection matches exactly the low at 84.96 Poinst (7X7)


Since the pair took out point 7X7 , the X-Sequentials X7 patterns inverse traget to tzhe updise are ti due .

The first taget 1/2 7XZ invers is at 95.14

The sencond taget 1/2 7XZ inverse is at 96.68.

The peak at 93.67 overthrew point 7X7 .

This indicates a X-Sequentials X2 patterns series (X-W-X2 X-Sequentials pattern series)

The implication is a choppy upmove.

The next downmove´s taget in the area of 89-87.81

The downmove will take place first.

Chart: Jpy/Usd, X-Sequentials 60 Minute Chart


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Devin Sage ,TXA Trading