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PGAChampionship News: PGA Final Round Was No Good Walk Spoiled For Rory Mcilroy

on August 13 2012 5:26 PM
PGAChampionship News: PGA Final Round Was No Good Walk Spoiled For Rory Mcilroy

When professional golf championships occur at courses like Pebble Beach, Olympic or Kiawah, players become unexpectedly vulnerable.  An Ocean Course delivers juggernaut unpredictability because wind and weather can abruptly shut down play just like what happened on Saturday at Kiawah.  One player demonstrated when opportunity arises you must take supreme advantage.  As a squall loomed, Rory McLlroy climbed into contention.  He made a par on Keawah's third hole after his ball became lodged in a tree and making par set the tone.  If viewers remained in awe when Kiawah brought down a surging Ian Poulter starting as impressively early Sunday as Rory McLlroy did early on Saturday, it showed the difference between a great player and good one.  Poulter also played with sudden fury and aimed for the leaderboard producing knockdown shots when Kiawah provided opportunity, but he ultimately succumbed.  Kiawah's challenges humbled former PGA champions Vijay Singh and a wild Tiger.  In fact, Singh looked less of a champion than anyone.  There was no show from "The Big Fijian" like old Earnie Els delivered last month at the British Open.  Kiawah derailed a patient and steady

The London Olympics Have Been A Jolly Good Show

on August 10 2012 6:28 AM

The London Olympics' NBC primetime coverage approaches a fortnight and satisfying everyone remains a probable impossibility.  Sport fans naturally pine, but my wife, 22 month old daughter, and I watched men's and women's swimming, bike racing, water polo, gymnastics, volleyball, beach volleyball, tennis, diving, and an array of track and field events and have discovered a bit of the sublime.

My family bonding experiences expanded, but even greater things have happened such as two 18 mile bike rides with our daughter in a Burley.  Certainly, our family has been watching our tube differently and awe-inspiring occurrences happened.  Strangely and out of character, I readily admit that it is not so important that I am not getting men's basketball and that only gold medal men's tennis and snippets of track and field coverage delivered preferred, sustained and specific adrenalin rushes.  I am satiated in another way.  Could it be something is happening around here and I don't what it is Mr. Jones?