Gary Jordan

Vegas Laying Down The Early NFL Odds

on February 24 2013 2:50 PM

A Baltimore Ravens repeat?

Don't bet on it. Literally.

If the oddsmakers in Vegas have their way they won't even make the Super Bowl next season.

In fact they have the current champs listed as only the equal third in the whole AFC.

Once again, despite coming up short again, the favorites have been named as the New England Patriots (7-1). It just seems that as long as Tom Brady is still playing in Foxboro he and his team are the team to beat. At least according to the Vegas people. If they are right on these things they will be playing the San Francisco 49ers (8-1) in New York next February. These two will have beaten out the Denver Broncos (8-1) and Green Bay Packers (10-1) in their respective championship games.

It's pretty fair to say that those four should factor into things next January. 

Geno Smith Looks To Prove Class Of 2013 Is Not To Be Doubted

on February 20 2013 5:11 PM

Russell Wilson. Andrew Lock. Robert Griffin III.

Just three names from the list of the quarterback class of 2012. Names that should go on to have long and successful careers in the NFL.

Every player knows that the light that shines on them one year, could well be dimmed and be cast in a different direction the following season.

This could well be the case in 2013.

There is once again a new kid on the block.

Geno Smith, hailing out of West Virginia, is tipped to be, and rightly so, to be the No. 1 in this April's NFL Draft.

The Kansas City Chiefs probably never saw an end to their QB nightmares but now, loaded with a No. 1 pick at their disposal, that end is in sight.

New head coach Andy Reid knows a good thing when he sees it and if he wants to show the NFL world that his footballing sense hasn't completely left him then Smith will be putting on a Chiefs Red jersey very soon.

So we all know that the transition from college ball to the NFL is an immensely tricky one, you may have the ability, but do you have the extra special ingredient to rise above the hype?

Dallas Cowboys Need To Solve The Problem With Romo Quickly

on February 20 2013 8:42 AM

Trying to come up with a new, fresh approach to a story that seems as old as time itself can be as hard as figuring why the person in the title is error prone in big matches.

Tony Romo. Dallas Cowboys. Quarterback. America's Team Quarterback.

That's the huge weight that he carries around with him when he' s on the golf course. As well as the times he takes snaps on the football field. The number of players in his position, on the team that is under the constant media microscope, and thrived and succeeded, can be counted on one hand. Those that fail are often thrown by the side of the road, hitching a ride into the NFL wilderness.

Maybe that's the problem.

New York Giants Cleaning House For New Challenge

on February 07 2013 6:33 AM

The 2012 season was one to forget for the New York Giants.

The glory of winning the Super Bowl the previous season was quickly replaced by some mediocre play during the year. A strong defence of their title never really materialized.

 On the face of it, finishing the campaign in second place in the NFC East, with the same 9-7 record that saw them win the division last year, wouldn't’t seem that bad. The Giants though require more. The baying New York sports fans and media need more.

Head Coach Tom Coughlin is nothing but meticulous in his approach. There was no immediate knee-jerk reaction to what was a weak season. Instead he and the front office have bided their time, and in the wake of the Super Bowl have made some notable waves.

Earlier this week they announced that linebacker Michael Boley would not be returning next year. He had been with the G-Men since 2009 and was an integral part of their championship winning defence. He started last season strongly having an interception in each of the first three games, but then his performances, much like the Giants, tailed off as the season went on.

Joe Flacco Earns His Self-Proclaimed Elite Status

on February 04 2013 8:11 AM


It was to turn out exactly as he had told us.


Most of us held back a muffled laugh when Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco, told us back in early April that he didn't just consider himself a top five quarterback.




Instead he said that he was the best. A staggeringly bold claim, when you consider the lofty company he was being comparing himself with.


Now lets get this straight. I don't like the term "elite". Its only come about since Eli Manning's first Super Bowl win and the media making the use of his first name to create something that is used quite freely when discussing a quarterbacks status.


For the sake of this article I will use the term though as that is how this story evolved during the season.

Elite quarterbacks then. Tom Brady. Peyton Manning. Drew Brees. Aaron Rodgers. Names that would fall into this category quite easily. As of last April - Joe Flacco? No.