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LeBron And Carmelo Clash As The Miami Heat Host NY Knicks For East Conference Supremacy

on December 06 2012 5:14 PM
LeBron And Carmelo Clash As The Miami Heat Host NY Knicks For East Conference Supremacy

The Miami Heat will host the New York Knicks today at the American Airlines Arena as they try and right the ship after losing to the Washington Wizards a few days ago.

One of the most anticipated games the NBA has seen thus far this season, the two teams sit atop the Eastern Conference and New York has already beat the Heat once this year.

Although, Carmelo Anthony is questionable for the game tonight and the Knicks are far from full force, this game has the potential to serve as a wake up call to a Miami team who has basically slept walked their way to 12-4 record.

New York’s confidence continues to grow as different guys step up each game, including the consistently erratic J.R. Smith who hit the game winner for the Knicks in their last game.

Taking on the Heat in Miami will be another hurdle the Knicks attempt to hurdle tonight as they look to establish themselves as legitimate contenders, especially in a weaker Eastern Conference.

Both Carmelo and LeBron can be found high on the list of MVP candidates early in the season, but there are other key match ups in this game as well.

LA Lakers Coaching Search: Phil Jackson Is Not The Right Choice

on November 11 2012 8:54 PM

Hold your horses folks, there’s a reason the word retire exists.  According to, the word “retire” means, “to withdraw from office, business, or active life, usually because of age.”

Well, in case you forgot, that’s exactly what Jackson did when he retired from coaching 2 years ago.  Aside from his health issues, the truth of the matter he’s too old.

Don’t get me wrong, I undeniably recognize Jackson as one of the greatest coaches of all time in any sport.  The man has 11 rings, that’s no coincidence.  But, he’s been around the game a long, long time and nobody can hang around forever.

Bringing Jackson back to coach this star studded Laker team is far from an immediate solution.  If anything, it will put even more pressure on an already struggling team.

Why risk your legacy Jackson?

Granted, you didn’t exactly go out on top, but maybe it’s time to accept you may have lost that touch.  Can that happen to coaches?  A question yet to be answered, but something to think about as this Jackson-saga progresses.

Trailblazers vs. OKC Thunder Preview: Damian Lillard Looks To Take Down The Western Conference Champs

on November 02 2012 3:02 AM

The Portland Trailblazers will visit Oklahoma City today to take on the Thunder. There are many story lines to choose from here, but none more enticing than a guy with rookie of the year potential, Damian Lillard, and how he will fare against the defending Western Conference champs.

After taking down the Lakers in his first game in the NBA, the road doesn't get much easier

Lillard showed some glimpes of how good he can really be in front of an energized Portland crowd on Wednesday as he slashed through the lane and attacked the basket as though Dwight Howard was not lurking in the paint.

It's clear this young fella has no fear.

Lillard has the opportunity to help put the Blazers back on the map as far as NBA title contenders along with some seasoned guys like LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicholas Batum, Wes Matthews, and J.J. Hickson. The talent is there, but it's yet to be seen how much a threat this team can really be in a deep Western Conference. 

That being said, if there's any two teams you tend to measure yourself against in the West it's got to be the Lakers and Thunder.

Miami Heat News: LeBron James And The Heat Are Far From Guaranteed To Repeat

on October 27 2012 2:42 PM
Miami Heat News: LeBron James And The Heat Are Far From Guaranteed To Repeat

Defending a title is one of the hardest things to do in any sport, especially in the NBA.

Teams in the past like the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics make it seem like an easy task to run off multiple championships when it reality it took not only overwhelming talent, but also an unlimited amount of hard work and focus throughout the entire process.

That being said, the gerneral consenus regarding the NBA is that the Heat will once again come out of the Eastern Conference in hopes of defending their title, which makes sense. 

Miami has improved with the addition of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis.  Norris Cole played great during the preseaon.  Dwyane Wade is well-rested and ready to go, LeBron James is in his prime, and Chris Bosh was the Heat's most consistent player putting up solid numbers with limited minutes this offseason.

However, let's take a quick look back at last year's NBA playoffs.  In particular I'd like to address two teams here: the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics.

LA Lakers News: Too Early To Panic For Kobe And Co. After 0-8 Preseason?

on October 26 2012 1:11 AM
LA Lakers News: Too Early To Panic For Kobe And Co. After 0-8 Preseason?

The Los Angeles Lakers have officially ended the preseason winless. What exactly does this mean, if anyhthing at all?

Well, the typical response you'll get from a Lakers fan right about now sounds like, "It's a process man, we'll get it together. It's preseason, they weren't even trying because they knew it didn't matter," or something along those lines.

Well, here's the thing. The same problems that consistenly persisted during the preseason will still factor in when the real deal tips off next week.  As a matter of fact, the problems will be magnified. Just hear me out.

What's L.A.'s biggest issue? That would have to be depth.  Let's begin with the fact that once the starters need a breather they've got nobody coming off the bench who can create his own shot.

I get it, Jodie Meeks is a good shooter, Antwan Jamison averaged 13 points a game last year, and Jordan Hill's motor is always running. But, that's nowhere near the caliber bench it takes in order to compete for a championship, especially in a league continuing to improve across the field.