Lewis Dunwoody

King Luis

on March 08 2013 3:28 PM


Luis Suarez is not a normal footballer.  Gareth Bale is not a normal footballer. They do things some players can only dream of. They slip through the enemies grasp more times than James Bond, each time giving the ultimate two fingers to the claim that ‘dainty, intricate players cannot cope in the Premier League’; 37 goals in 41 league games between them says so.

But there is still that ‘controversial’ tag which just doesn’t sell Luis Suarez. He’s a diver! He’s a cheat! Are we really going to let such shouts cloud the magnificence of Suarez? After all, he has been the illumination on Liverpool and arguably, the Premier League.

Though it seems the Uruguayan magician will meet his match in a titanic clash at Anfield on Sunday.

He is no Ronaldinho, but Coutinho can become 'boss'

on February 22 2013 4:23 PM


“He is the future of Inter”

Even the Nerazzurri President, Massimo Moratti could not hide his admiration for the little schemer.

It is all there. 

An angelic titter; fuchsia boots, the vintage scouse curls of black hair draping over a friendly face, dancing Samba across the Anfield turf to the beat of a Surdo drum in his head. Philippe Coutinho has it all. He is the next Kaka, the next Ronaldinho, the next Rivaldo.....or an Italian supercar, says Inter Milan centre half and former teammate, Juan Jesus. “For me, he is a phenomenon. He is like a Ferrari. When he is dribbling with the ball at his feet, you just can’t catch up to him,” the Brazilian once enthused.

As for what Coutinho thinks of himself, he is a little more humble: “I’m just Coutinho, a kid who's getting better. Ronaldinho is an extra-terrestrial who’s won everything. I’d be happy to achieve half of his success.”

But with the lissom of a Turkish belly dancer and the plumage of an Azure Jay, ‘Philipinho’ carries a certain flounce of flamboyance.