Samir Sampat

Roaring Thunder Comeback

on June 21 2012 12:55 PM
Roaring Thunder Comeback

The Miami Heat are going into tonight just one victory away from closing out the 2012 NBA Finals. Not only are they very close to winning the first championship (of many according to a party from last year) in the era of the "Superfriends" trio, they have the opportunity to win it in South Beach in front of their home crowd. While many have predicted the Heat to win Game 5 (including Las Vegas where the Heat are favored by 3), I am going to predict the Thunder win tonight. However, I am not just predicting they win Game 5, I am predicting that they win the whole series and claim the Larry O'Brien Trophy for themselves.

While I am making what many would consider a bold, possibly asinine, prediction, I have my four reasons to believe that the Thunder are capable of pulling off such a historical comeback.