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UFC on FOX 6: Main Card Preview & Predictions

on January 25 2013 10:18 PM


While the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens take a week off preparing for the "HarBowl" the UFC takes center stage on FOX this Saturday night. 


UFC on FOX 6 takes place at the United Center in Chicago and you would think Michael Jordan is running out of the tunnel again because the crowd will be going crazy all night long with the card UFC matchmaker Joe Silva lined up.


Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson puts his flyweight belt on the line against one of the most athletic fighters in the UFC, John Dodson.


There is a 99.9% chance this will be the last time we see Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in the UFC and he has his hands full against the most hyped light heavyweight since Jon Jones. Glover Teixeira has won his last 17 fights and has finished 16 of them, 13 never made it to the second round.


This is the first month of 2013, but when Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone lock horns in the middle of the cage there is a good chance we could see the "Fight of the Year" in January.


NFL: Joe Flacco Proving He's An Elite QB

on January 21 2013 7:52 PM
NFL: Joe Flacco Proving He's An Elite QB

Joe Flacco has played better than anyone during the playoffs. No quarterback has a higher passer rating than the Raven's starting quarterback. He has thrown for 853 yards and eight touchdowns in route to sending Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady on an early vacation. 


His best stat of all: 0 interceptions. 


Phil Simms, Troy Aikman, Drew Brees, Steve Young and Joe Montana are the only other quarterbacks in NFL history to throw at least eight touchdowns and 0 interceptions in a single postseason. If you are a San Francisco fan I'd be scared, because all five of those quarterbacks won the Super Bowl that year. 


He outplayed Manning and Brady in their own backyards. Tom Brady never lost a home game in his entire career when leading at halftime, until last Sunday. Manning and Brady have combined for 20 Pro Bowls, six-regular season MVP's and three-Super Bowl MVP's during their careers. No quarterback had ever beat Manning and Brady in the same postseason, until Flacco did this year. 


NFL: Seattle Seahawks vs. Atlanta Falcons NFC Divisional Playoff Preview & Prediction

on January 12 2013 12:32 AM


The Atlanta Falcons have been one of the best regular season teams in the NFL since drafting Matt Ryan third overall in the 2008 NFL Draft.


He has compiled a 55-23 record during his first five seasons and has thrown for at least 3,000 yards in four of those five seasons. The only time he didn't reach the 3,000 yard milestone, he missed two games with a foot injury. No quarterback has more regular season wins than Matt Ryan does over the last five seasons. 


The problem with Matt Ryan is his playoff record: 0-3. 


It shouldn't all be on the quarterback, but this is the National Football League and the QB always gets the praise or flack no matter what. In Ryan's defense, the three teams he lost to all made the Super Bowl, and two of them took home the Lombardi Trophy. 


Unfortunately for Ryan, he has fallen flat on his face during the postseason. He has never thrown for more than 200 yards in any of his three previous playoff appearances and has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. 


Los Angeles Lakers Losing Streak Continues Against Jeremy Lin's Rockets: Time To Panic In Tinseltown

on January 09 2013 3:25 AM
Los Angeles Lakers Losing Streak Continues Against Jeremy Lin's Rockets: Time To Panic In Tinseltown

It is officially time for the Los Angeles Lakers to panic. The NBA season is nearly at the halfway mark and the Lakers are four-games under .500. 

They have only been above .500 for one day this season and that was all the way back on November 20th. 

I usually don't say it's time to panic before the All-Star break, but it is clear there is a lot wrong with the Lakers this season, and this is with Kobe Bryant playing his best basketball since 09'. He is shooting a career best 48% from the field and he's leading the NBA in scoring. The "Black Mamba" is averaging 30.5 PPG, he hasn't averaged over 30 PPG since he was playing with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown. 

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Everyone thought Mike Brown was the problem, but it clearly was a lot more than Brown. It's not on Mike D'Antoni either. You can't blame a coach that had no training camp or preseason to fix a team in a matter of weeks. There was only one coach who could have fixed this problem immediately, Phil Jackson. 

Ray Lewis: One of the Best To Ever Play

on January 03 2013 6:42 PM
Ray Lewis: One of the Best To Ever Play


 With the No. 26 overall pick in the 1996 NFL draft the Baltimore Ravens selected an undersized 20-year old linebacker out of the University of Miami.

Ray Lewis.

This was an organization that just relocated from Cleveland and needed a fresh start. 

In Lewis's first year as a 21-year old rookie he played with the intensity that we would come to see for the next 17 seasons. He was the fourth linebacker selected in the 1996 NFL draft, and wanted to prove he was the best linebacker in that class.

He did, by a landslide. 

Lewis was named to the All-Rookie team and led the Ravens with 110 tackles and nobody had more tackles for loss in the NFL than Ray Lewis.

From 1997-99, Lewis was selected to the Pro Bowl all three seasons and led the NFL in tackles in 97' and 99'. 

Then everything nearly came crashing done. 

Ray Lewis was at a Super Bowl XXXIV party in Atlanta when his NFL days nearly ended. Lewis and two other men were charged with murder and aggravated assault when two men were stabbed to death.