Michael Lingberg

Arsenal News: Robin van Persie Travels With Team, But Should He Still Be There?

on August 07 2012 2:20 AM

Picture an atomic bomb falling from the skies with alarming speed straight towards a bridge. The bomb has large orange letters which spell out "Robin van Persie" and the bridge is red with a large golden cannon painted on the sides. A giant black, red and orange mushroom cloud explodes into the skyline and the bridge is no more.

That's right. Van Persie didn't just burn his bridges at Arsenal, he nuked them. He nuked them and made those bridges and relationships impossible to repair due to radiation. After he released the statement on his website last month criticizing Arsenal's ambition, his reputation and legacy was damaged in the eyes of the Gunner faithful. By saying those things, he put himself in front as the most important person at the club, rather than the club itself. And no athlete should go that route.

Two Athletes Sprint Through Social Barriers At The Olympics

on August 03 2012 1:04 PM

Qatari sprinter Noor Al-Malki and Tahmina Kohistani of Afghanistan both were decked out in long pants and long sleeves during their preliminary 100-meter sprint for the first day of track and field events of the London Olympics. 

Al-Malki, who also wore a cap, left the blocks and immediately started hopping with her hand on the back of her leg and a pained look on her face. She had to be carted off the track. Kohistani, sporting a head scarf in the colors of her country, was at least able to finish her sprint in 14.42 seconds but she came in comfortably in last place.

Their performances will not be remembered forever. But will be remembered is simply their presence in the Olympics. At just 17 years old, Al-Malki is the first woman to compete for her country. Her trailblazing has opened the door to other women from her country. It doesn't matter that she couldn't finish her race. Her presence on the track and competing in the Olympics is a huge middle finger to the social forces holding other women back.

Cazorla's Near Signing Exposes Malaga Struggles

on August 01 2012 7:46 PM

Sometimes you just have to be thankful you're not on the other side of difficult situations.

On one hand we have Arsenal FC, which, if the rumors are true, is about to greatly improve with the addition of attacking midfielder Santi Cozorla. This signing  would give many fans of the north London club even more hope for the upcoming season. Cozorla would be the third high-profile acquisition made by head coach Arsene Wenger after getting Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud earlier this summer. And considering Cazorla's credentials with the Spanish national team, his reported €21 million will be highway robbery for the Gunners.

It appears that Wenger is serious about being able to compete with both Manchester clubs and Chelsea this season. The difference with Arsenal, though is that he hasn't broken the bank to sign quality players. The Gunners' future is looking brighter by the day despite the inevitable departure of Robin van Persie.

How Randy Moss At 35 Compares To Greats Before Him

on July 26 2012 5:34 PM
How Randy Moss At 35 Compares To Greats Before Him

After taking a season-long break from the National Football League, wide receiver Randy Moss is back with the San Francisco 49ers. But he's now 35 and in the twilight of his career. The bright side of that is that he's on one of the best teams in the league. The down side of that is that Alex Smith, who isn't exactly an elite quarterback, will be throwing to him. But realistically, we should expect Moss to be the dominant receiver he's still capable of being. What exeactly should we expect? How will he compare to other greats before him at similar points in their careers? Just keep this phrase in mind: Cash, homie. Cash.

Arsenal Rumors: How Clint Dempsey Can Help

on June 30 2012 9:09 PM
Arsenal Rumors: How Clint Dempsey Can Help

Fulham's Clint Dempsey has said on the record that he wants to play Champions League football. It's also common knowledge that Arsenal is interested in the United States attacker. With rumors of Arsenal discussing Dempsey's transfer to the Emirates, here are some ways the league's fourth leading scorer from last season can contribute to the Gunners.

The addition of Dempsey would infuse toughness into Arsenal's attack on the wings or in the attacking midfield position, something that neither Gervinho, Aaron Ramsey or Theo Walcott provide in high amounts. Dempsey has a reputation for playing with unmatched ferocity that sometimes results in others getting hurt. For example, he caught Chelsea's John Terry in the jaw with an errant elbow in 2007. He did something similar to Phil Jones of Manchester United in December. Not only will Dempsey be tough, he'll play defense as well.