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Chicago Bears News: History Shows Marc Trestman Can Succeed In Two Countries

on January 16 2013 10:01 PM
Chicago Bears News: History Shows Marc Trestman Can Succeed In Two Countries

New Chicago Bears head coach  Marc Trestman has had success on every level, but his two Grey Cups in five seasons with the Montreal Alouettes have been his most public success.  A “quarterback guru” who helped Bernie Kosar succeed in college and the pros, and worked with Tim Tebow in the run-up to the 2010 NFL Draft, Trestman should look to these coaches (and one executive) who successfully ran clubs in the United States and Canada.Marv Levy - Trestman’s CFL career perhaps mirrors former Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy’s the most.  Like Trestman, Levy coached the Montreal Alouettes to two Grey Cup wins in five seasons before heading to the NFL.  However, Levy’s success in America did not happen overnight; Marv only had one winning season with the Kansas City Chiefs from 1978 to 1982.  After one season with the USFL’s Chicago Blitz in 1984, Levy rebuilt the Buffalo Bills around fellow USFL-er Jim Kelly.  Levy and Kelly both led one of the most consistently successful teams in NFL history, if one that always fell short of the main prize.

Chicago Bears News: Warning To Marc Trestman: Not Everyone Succeeds In Both CFL & NFL

on January 16 2013 5:53 PM
Chicago Bears News: Warning To Marc Trestman: Not Everyone Succeeds In Both CFL & NFL

While Marc Trestman’s success in the Canadian Football League may help him succeed with the Chicago Bears, not every head coach can win in both American and Canadian pro football. Here are five head coaches who should’ve just stayed in one country:Jerry Williams - A longtime assistant with the Philadelphia Eagles and the father of the nickel defense, Williams had success with the Calgary Stampeders before new Eagles owner Leonard Tose hired Jerry in 1969. As indicative of the Eagles of that era, he went 7-22-2 in two seasons, but then went to Hamilton, where he led the Tiger-Cats to a Grey Cup win in 1972.Hugh Campbell - Sometimes a coach was only meant to be successful with one team.  In Hugh Campbell’s case, winning ten championships in the CFL as a player, coach and executive more than make up for his lack of success in America.  In six seasons coaching the Edmonton Eskimos in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Campbell made six consecutive Grey Cup finals, winning five in a row with Warren Moon sharing QB duties with Tom Wilkinson.

Oregon Controls BCS Fate Against USC

on November 03 2012 6:55 PM
Oregon Controls BCS Fate Against USC

#4 Oregon vs. #17 USCSaturday, 7pm EDT, FOXJust what does Oregon have to do to get up the BCS rankings?  Week after week, the Ducks have slaughtered the competition, but while the pollsters can clearly see Oregon’s dominance, the computers have penalized them for their relatively weak schedule.  All of Oregon’s strengths seem to be offset by their weaknesses, which means they run the table and the computers will still underrate them.  Take, for instance, their running game.  Although senior Kenjon Barber and sophmore De’Anthony “The Black Mamba” Thomas have made the Oregon running game the third-best in the country, Marcus Mariota’s passing offense ranks 84th, averaging 209.5 yards a game.  Blowout wins of 57-34, 63-14 and 70-14 do not impress the computers, either, considering that they came against Arkansas State, Tennessee Tech, and an abysmal conference opponent in Colorado.Fortunately for the Ducks, they have the chance to prove themselves with a road game against Southern California.  In the beginning of the season, this matchup would have had the hype that has preceded tonight’s LSU/Alabama game.

Cleveland Browns Vs. Indianapolis Colts Preview: Browns Face Andrew Luck On The Field, Many Challenges Off

on October 21 2012 2:55 AM
Cleveland Browns Vs. Indianapolis Colts Preview:  Browns Face Andrew Luck On The Field, Many Challenges Off

Cleveland Browns vs. Indianapolis ColtsSunday, 1pm EDT, CBSLast Sunday, the Cleveland Browns became the final team in the NFL to record a victory.  A lot has changed since then, with part of the front office being solidified and other positions in doubt.Truck stop mogul Jimmy Haslam officially becomes the Browns’ majority owner this week, after buying the team from Randy Lerner for $1 billion.  Haslam has started to clean house, with President Mike Holmgren stepping down in favor of former Philadelphia Eagles president Joe Banner.  Two other Browns with experience with the Eagles, general manager Tom Heckert and head coach Pat Shurmur, are on the hot seat.  Nick Saban’s name has been thrown around as a possible replacement for Shurmur, although these rumors have been largely discredited.  Amongst all the chaos in Cleveland, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan could be forgiven, as he mistook backup quarterback Colt McCoy for rookie Brandon Weedon as he and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice visited the Browns training facility.

Just What Is Going On WIth The UFL?

on October 20 2012 2:22 PM

The United Football League suspended its fourth season this weekend, although it still has plans to finish the 2012 season in the spring.  Some have said that the season has been canceled, and some have been trigger-happy enough to claim that the UFL was folding.  Anyone who has been following the United Football League for a while, however, knows the league is resilient, often in spite of itself.Few are surprised at this latest development.  The UFL was ostensibly playing without a core executive branch this season, with the teams themselves basically operating the league.  Over the years, various people have sued the UFL for lack of payment, and as the NFL was locked out in 2011, the UFL delayed their season by a month, while cutting down from five teams to four.  The 2011 UFL season was then truncated, with the last games of the season (a month early) becoming the de facto championship and consolation games.