Craig Shufelt

Chasing Rose: can Derek Jeter break the all-time hits record?

on August 22 2012 11:44 PM

Even if he had slowly begun fading away this season at age 38, Derek Jeter's place in baseball history would have been secure.  He has Enough World Series rings for a whole hand and a guaranteed first-ballot entry into Cooperstown, and his name will be mentioned when discussing the greatest shortstops of all time.  What Jeter is doing this season, batting well over .300 and leading the American League in hits, not only has Skip Bayless absurdly insinuating the possibility of steroid use, but also has people wondering if he has a chance to catch Pete Rose.  So, does he have a shot?

Coming into Wednesday night's action, Jeter had 3,256 hits and could reasonably expect to finish the season slightly above the 3,300 mark.  Using that round number, he would enter 2013 trailing Pete Rose by 956 hits.  Assuming that he breaks the 200-hit mark this season, he'd have only to repeat that feat for five more seasons and the record would be his.  Not so hard, right?  Well, maybe if Jeter was 30, but the task is a lot tougher at his advanced age.

Taking the Heat: four teams that could challenge Miami

on August 17 2012 10:25 AM


After coming close to the title in 2011, the Heat's ascension to the throne season seemed almost preordained.   Sure, there were some hiccups against the Pacers and they were pushed by the Celtics, but the title wasn't a surprise to basketball fans.  If anything, the Finals loss the previous year to Dallas and the tough series this last spring have likely made them tougher and more battle-ready.  The question going forward becomes whether they can add more hardware to the trophy case, and to that end they've certainly taken steps to avoid complacency.  They have held together their supporting cast, and the signing of Ray Allen gives them a fourth strong scoring option. 

2012 vs. 1996: which Dream Team is better?

on August 01 2012 8:58 PM

      After two blowout victories to kick off the 2012 Olympics, the American men's basketball team has done little to discourage comparisons to the 1992 Dream Team.  Sure there were some early struggles against Tunisia, and the Americans ran into some foul trouble against France, but there's been no doubt about the outcome of either game.  Instead, this group continues to draw comparisons to the 1992 squad that dominated during their run in Barcelona, winning by more than 43 points per game on their way to gold.

TORRES SUSPENSION: Shanahan Lays Down the Law, But What Does it Mean?

on April 22 2012 1:06 PM
TORRES SUSPENSION: Shanahan Lays Down the Law, But What Does it Mean?

After waiting several days to see just how hard Brendan Shanahan would come down on Raffi Torres for his latest on-ice indiscretion, the hockey community seems to be split on the 25-game penalty announced on Saturday. 

Some feel Torres more than deserves the lengthy suspension given his history and the severity of his crimes, while others feel this is another example of the inconsistency of penalties given out by Shanahan (see Weber, Shea).  Nobody seems to doubt the sentence, just the way at which it was arrived and how it compares to others.  What might be more important, however, is whether this penalty ends up being a one-off, or if it's the NHL's way of finally laying down the law when it comes to head shots and other cheap hits.