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RG3 Leads the Redskins to Victory

on November 18 2012 4:45 PM
RG3 Leads the Redskins to Victory

Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins won the battle of the rookie quarterbacks against Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 31-6. This was clearly the Redskins most dominant victory of the season. Griffin had an outstanding game throwing for 4 tds on 14-15 passing with 200 yards. RG3 also set a record for the highest completion percentage in a game as a rookie with a 93% completion percentage.RG3 Led the Skins in rushing with 85 yards on 11 carries. The Redskins defense stepped up and played a huge part in the victory as well. This is probably the best game the defense has played so far this year. They forced 3 turnovers in the game. DeAngelo Hall got it started with an interception and return to the six yard line. Safety Brandon Meriweather had an interception on the very next draft.Following Hall’s interception RG3 threw his first touchdown of the day to fullback Darrel Young. Later on RG3 threw a bomb to a wide open Aldrick Robinson for a 49 yard touchdown. RG3 Also threw a beautiful 61 yard pass to Santana Moss, who made a great leaping catch, for Griffin’s third touchdown of the game.

Redskins vs Eagles Preview, Where To Watch Online Live Stream And 10 Keys To Skins' Victory

on November 18 2012 3:30 AM
Redskins vs Eagles Preview, Where To Watch Online Live Stream And 10 Keys To Skins' Victory

Sunday’s game against the Eagles is a must win for the Washington Redskins. Both teams are at the bottom of the NFC East with records of 3-6. The Skins must win to keep what little hopes they have of making the playoffs. The Eagles are spiraling out of control after a tough loss to the Dallas Cowboys last week. Head Coach Andy Reid is on the hot seat and the Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan may be there with him if his team suffers a fourth loss in a row. The Eagles starting quarterback will be rookie Nick Foles, Mike Vick was knocked out of the game last week with an concussion. That would seem to be a good thing for Washington but recently they haven't fared too well against rookie quarterbacks. They are the only team in the NFL to lose to eight straight rookie quarterbacks dating back to at least 1950. All eight defeats have have been since the 2006 season. So while most teams are excited to play against inexperienced rookie quarterbacks, the Redskins have reason not to be too excited.Either way, rookie or no rookie, the Redskins must find a way to win this game.

LA Lakers News: Mike D’Antoni signs 4-Year Deal To Coach Lakers

on November 12 2012 4:00 AM

According to ESPN.com former Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks Head Coach Mike D’Antoni has agreed to a four year deal to become the newest Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

This move comes as a bit of a surprise because as of a couple of hours ago all of the signs were pointing towards The great Phil Jackson returning to coach the Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. 

Reportedly the deal with Jackson broke through because Jackson was asking for too much, “the moon”, to return to the team. Jackson was said to be asking for about $12 million per year, more control over the roster, and the OK to take off of some road trips during the season. Jackson retired after the 2011 season due to health reasons. 

LA Lakers Lose To Dallas Mavericks And Resemble 2000 Redskins And 2011 Philadelphia Eagles In Process

on October 31 2012 11:41 AM

Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well it seems that the Lakers and the mainstream media are insane. The Los Angeles Lakers made big splash deals over the summer to acquire the great Steve Nash and the man formerly known as SuperMan...Dwight Howard.And of course mainstream media can’t get enough of the Lakers now, hyping them up to be one of the best teams ever and to be the top challenger to dethrone the Champion Miami Heat. The Lakers should be good, but they won’t be what their being hyped up to be. They won’t be an all time great team, they won't break or challenge the 96-97 Chicago Bulls record winning season of 72-10, they probably won’t even be the best team in the West...Oklahoma City and a guy named Kevin Durant has a big say in that.I know what you're saying to yourself right now “the Lakers have Kobe, Dwight, Nash, Gasol, hell they even have World Peace...of course they’ll win it all”. I know you're asking how could I possibly come to the conclusions that they’ll disappoint?

Washington Redskins News: How Will Sir Bob Griffin III Fare In First NFC East Game?

on October 21 2012 12:57 PM
Washington Redskins News:  How Will Sir Bob Griffin III Fare In First NFC East Game?

Today the Washington Redskins get their first opportunity to unleash their new weapon and quarterback Robert Griffin III against a division foe for the first time when they play the New York Giants at 1:00pm. Griffin has passed every other test so far in his rookie year in the NFL, and if I had to guess I would say that he’ll pass this one too.

Washington is coming into the game with a 3-3 record after a big win last week over the Minnesota Vikings. RG3 sealed the victory over the Vikings with a memorable 76-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. The play was impressive because before the snap Griffin realized that the Vikings were bringing what's called a double-A gap blitz. He knew that he would have to throw to his hot read or, with his dynamic athleticism and running ability, he would have a huge lane to run through if the Vikings didn’t run the blitz correctly. They didn’t and he made the right decision and then the rest is history.