Alex DeLape

Houston Texans: Path to the Draft #2

on March 30 2012 5:14 PM

With it still to this day being widely accepted the Texans will (better) take a wide receiver in the first round today we will look at another selection who is projected to fall to them anywhere around 22-30 overall. Alshon being my first choice and still my favorite receiver in the draft and who I strongly believe will pan out as the best receiver in the class in a couple years just solidified his first round status at his pro day. He caught everything that touched his hands and ran multiple 40 yd dashes for the scouts which ranged from high 4.4 to 4.55. Today though we will look at the next best selection and that being in Georgia Tech wideout Stephen Hill Hill really flew under the radar for a lot of scouts until he made a big splash at the combine. The offense ran at Georgia only sent the ball to Hill 28 times last year, the best part was for 28 for 820 yards which led the nation in yards per catch at 29.3. Hill really stood out in the combine which is where all the players who are standouts on mediocre teams can come prove themselves and give everyone a taste.

Vince Young in Quarterback Limbo

on March 28 2012 5:33 PM
Vince Young in Quarterback Limbo

When people think of Vince Young, people think of his legendary tenure at Texas. I like to remember what a lot of people around sports media overlook or seem to forget when mentioning quarterbacks in free agency and that is Vince Young's time as a starter in Tennessee in a organization that seemed to work against him. Lets look at the things that people and media really overlook around the league about Vince Young. 

Houston Texans: Path to the Draft

on March 26 2012 5:33 PM

As the NFL Draft draws near and is a month away we will take a look at what the Houston Texans are going to look to invest their first round pick in. First need that needs to be addressed and is widely accepted by all draft experts is the glaring need at a legit number two wide receiver who can be later groomed into the number one once Andre Johnson retires as he is not getting any younger.

HOUSTON TEXANS NEWS: Rick Smith is Under Pressure to Bolster the Squad Next Season

on March 22 2012 12:24 PM
HOUSTON TEXANS NEWS: Rick Smith is Under Pressure to Bolster the Squad Next Season

Over the past month the Houston Texans have made a lot of unique moves when dealing with their roster and managing their salary cap situation.

When the Texans approached free agency they had cap issues after moves last season that came back to bite them. When GM Rick Smith signed Johnathan Joseph and Daniel Manning last season it was under the impression that the salary cap would be raised as discussed in the new CBA. It was raised, but only by a few hundred-thousand.

So going into this season reports were that the Texans were around $20 million over the cap. Everyone knew with all the free agents the Texans had this season that there would be no way to bring them all back.

Some of the names that were thrown around to be released were players like Jacoby Jones and Matt Leinart. Demeco Ryans and Owen Daniels were also mentioned for contract restructuring.

The Bounty has been paid for Bounty-Gate

on March 21 2012 1:10 PM
The Bounty has been paid for Bounty-Gate

This morning the NFL made an example of the Bounty Gate scandal, Saints head coach Sean Payton and former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams took the brunt of the punishment.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell brought down the ban hammer on Payton and has suspended him for the full 2012 season starting on April 1, 2012. With that date Payton will not be able to take part in the Saints 2012 Draft selections.

After the NFL released the details of the investigation most fans thought the punishment would not be enough and that further action will be necessary in court. I think the commissioner has done his part and put that thinking to ease, as these punishments will make true examples out of these coaches.

Now what about Williams?

The newly hired defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams and former Saints defensive coordinator who brought in the whole bounty program has been described by being suspended "indefinitely". No one knows the full details of the length of that as the details are now being released.