Alex DeLape

What are the Houston Texans Doing?

on March 20 2012 7:21 PM
What are the Houston Texans Doing?

The Houston Texans, who were the 2011 AFC South Division champions, had the vibe throughout the city of Houston and around the league that the Texans are the team to beat in the AFC in 2012.

Since the season has ended, and and the free-agent period has opened, have the Texans gotten better or worse?

Going into the 2012 season the City of Houston had this special feeling that they were on their way to a Super Bowl. With a top three-ranked defense and a running game with Arian Foster that is the league's leading rusher when combining 2010 and 2011 seasons.

With the best running tandem in the league with the emergence of 2010 second round pick Ben Tate. What makes the Texans run game so good is their offensive line which is regarded as the best zone run block line in the NFL and one of the best overall. What makes them so good?

The continuity of the line, having the same linemen play so many consecutive games together. When free agency opened two linemen hit the open market with center Chris Myers who has since been recently resigned by the Texans and guard Mike Brisiel who has been signed by the Oakland Raiders.

Tim Tebow: A Hero Run Out Of Town

on March 19 2012 2:55 PM
Tim Tebow: A Hero Run Out Of Town

The race for Peyton Manning is over.

The Broncos, with the help of John Elway, have won that war to win over Manning, even after everything the 49ers have done to groom the team for Manning by brining in Randy Moss and Mario Manningham.

So now after Elway held a press conference saying that Tim Tebow would go in as the starting quarterback for the Broncos in training camp, Elway is now shopping offers for trades for the same quarterback that beat the defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime.

This past season, and this start of free agency is a story that couldn't be made up. This year is a quarterback hungry league for a couple teams that are struggling to find a franchise quarterback. Since free agency started, 15 quarterbacks have been taken and moved to different teams.

The same teams that lost the Manning race are still looking for a answer at quarterback such as the Arizona Cardinals and the Miami Dolphins. The San Francisco 49ers have still not resigned Alex Smith who is now forced to go around and test the market.