Jon Buzby

Sports Buzz: Lance Armstrong's Image Set In Stone

on October 26 2012 11:39 AM
Sports Buzz: Lance Armstrong's Image Set In Stone

Lance Armstrong was once viewed as a hero.

But now we know he was a cheating liar … and still is.

Armstrong should have been smart enough to watch his peers — as in other cheating liars — go through their own scandals and realize there’s a right and wrong way to handle your transgressions.

Barry Bonds, Pete Rose and Roger Clemens, each in his own way has demonstrated perfectly how not to handle crisis situations brought on by errors in judgment (polite way of saying they made stupid mistakes).

Armstrong could have handled his better than all three. As soon as the allegations came out, he could have admitted he cheated, pleading for sympathy because apparently almost every other cyclist was cheating too (and maybe past tense is the wrong tense to use here).

He could have admitted it was wrong and that he knew it, but the only way he could compete with the rest of the field was to “partake” in the same enhancements they did. He could have offered to surrender his seven Tour de France titles and every yellow jersey won during them. In fact, better yet, he could have insisted on doing so.

Sports Buzz: Best, worst and greatest call of the week

on October 12 2012 9:56 AM


Willie Mays spoke to the 49ers before the team’s 45-3 win over Buffalo.


Say, I think I might have saved his pep talk for a tougher opponent. Hey, just sayin’ kid.


-- Biggest win: Saints over Chargers. A loss and the season is over for New Orleans, and not just for Jonathan Vilma and Sean Payton.


I’m still not sure why Payton was allowed to attend the game to watch Drew Brees break the record for most consecutive games with a touchdown pass. It’s not like the suspended coach embraced Brees on the field after the record-setting pass. In fact, he would have had a better view of the play at home in front of the television than way up there in the skybox. And shouldn’t his son have been in bed. After all, It was a school night.


Runner-up: The Colts winning for head coach Chuck Pagano, who was diagnosed with leukemia the week before.


A Salute To Bud Selig, Albeit A Small One

on October 05 2012 9:07 AM
A Salute To Bud Selig, Albeit A Small One

The only thing more frustrating than being a Jets fan last Sunday was being an American.

As excruciating as it was to watch the Jets return to preseason form and completely ignore the end zone, it was worse to watch the American golfers slowly sink (unlike their putts), one after another, on their “home” course at Medinah.

As far as I’m concerned, Davis Love III is as good a coach as the team has had. Any coach who can work the two-day foursome matches to get his team a four-point lead heading into singles has to be applauded.

At that point it’s up to the individuals. After all, golf is an individual game. And the bottom line is, when the pressure was on, the Americans simply didn’t come through. Whether it was Jim Furyk’s putter or Phil Michelson’s normally reliable short game, the Americans didn’t hit the clutch shots while their European opponents nailed one after another.

Refs Are Back, And So Now Is The Rest Of The Sports News

on September 28 2012 7:11 AM

I’d take up space talking about what the refs gained in negotiations, but the bottom line is not one person reading this cares. We only care that they are back and most importantly, our fantasy teams will no longer be affected.

I’m just glad that as soon as the strike ended in the wee hours of the night Wednesday, Thursday night’s crew reported for work. It’s not like they had made other plans.

The real refs might be back, but no doubt there will still be missed calls. The difference is they’ll be judgment calls, not discrepancies and five-minute huddles about technical rules straight out of a book.

My last word on the officials: Hopefully somewhere in the new contract is a rule that if you can’t beat me in a 50-yard dash, you can’t be an NFL ref.

-- The sports world summed up in a few tweets …

I guess head coaches do matter. #Saints #Arkansas

Happiest guy in the league is #Cardinals Kevin Kolb. #inyourfacePhilly

I don’t care if nobody was near him, #Jets Darrelle Revis’ torn ACL is replacement refs’ fault.

How soon until #TimTebow is spotted practicing at the cornerback position? Shirtless. #Jets

Two Weeks Down, 15 To Go On The Gridiron

on September 20 2012 12:53 PM


Now we know why the NFL season doesn’t end after Week 1.


-- My MVP, Joe Flacco, didn’t look nearly as lethal in Philadelphia as he did in his home stadium. And as good as my Comeback Player of the Year Peyton Manning looked against the Steelers, he looked that bad against the Falcons, who might not lose a game this year as long as they can get Michael Turner a taxi after them.


-- The Eagles are winning with smoke and mirrors, which, let’s face it, doesn’t matter as long as you win.


Their opponents this week, the Cardinals, are my surprise team of the year so far. With the most over-rated and under-rated quarterback in recent years, Arizona is 2-0 with the Patriots game out of the way.


-- The Giants must have thought the Buccaneers were going to play that last play like they were in the Pro Bowl.


Reality is, if the ball is fumbled, the Bucs are in field-goal range and if they score, Greg Schiano is a genius. There was nothing cheap about it and even my 5-year-old looked at the Bucs lining up and said, “Dad, they look serious.”