Jon Buzby

Why Notre Dame is Still Newsworthy

on September 14 2012 9:47 AM

Only Notre Dame could come close to out-dueling the NFL's opening weekend in terms of media attention. Why? Despite the recent downfall of the football program, Notre Dame is about as out-of-style as the iPhone 5.

The deal the ACC made with Notre Dame in terms of its football participation is like the pretty girl telling you she'll be happy to go out with you, but only on Wednesday nights and only if you pay for everything on her weekend dates.

The ACC football programs should be thrilled. They'll get the Irish payday every so often without ever having to fear them taking the conference title. (Even though, right now they probably couldn't come close.)

The hoops teams get to annually play at the Dean Smith Center and Cameron Indoor Stadium, with the women having much more of a chance to win than the men based on recent history.

Perhaps the most anticipated games won't involve a pigskin or backboards, but instead long sticks with netting on the end of them.

The only thing left to debate is whether it's pronounced "Noter" or "Notra."

Sports Buzz: Don't Question Andy Reid's Return And More Sports Thoughts

on August 10 2012 9:36 AM

People began questioning Andy Reid's dedication as a parent as soon as his oldest son's death was announced. And then they continued when Reid returned to practice less than 24 hours after Garrett's funeral.

For the fans who aren't parents and are questioning Reid, please just be quiet. For those who are parents and are questioning, think to yourself: How you would deal with and grieve about an offspring's death. And then ask yourself if you'd want to be questioned and criticized for it.

One can only hope that the death of Reid's one son with drug problems might have saved a second son who has a history of the same.

-- The New York Jets should have accepted the invitation to appear again on "Hard Knocks." Maybe under the watchful eye of a video camera their training camp would be a little less physical.

In case Jets fans are wondering why their stadium-mates don't scuffle, it's because the Giants players would scratch their Super Bowl rings.

-- Terrell Owens ran the 40-yard dash in 4.45 seconds, which isn't bad for a 39-year-old (OK, it's downright blazing). Now, if only he could outrun his mouth.

Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino Firing Needed to Happen [College Football]

on April 11 2012 6:07 PM

Former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino deserved to be fired.

The reality is that if a professor at the university got caught having an affair with a consenting non-student adult and lied to his dean about it, his job status most likely would not change.

But Petrino isn't any professor, nor is he paid like one. In fact, one can argue that other than the school president - my guess is a quarter of the student body can't name him - Petrino is the school's most public figure.

Like it or not, he gets paid a lot of money to be held to higher standards than most of the school's employees. If the school president had an affair and tried to cover it up he would have lost his job, probably even faster than Petrino lost his.

My guess is Petrino's marriage to the Razorbacks isn't the only relationship that's going to end badly from this mess. His mistress was scheduled to be married in June and Petrino is married with four children.

It's sort of ironic the motorcycle accident that caused this fallout happened on April 1. In the end, it didn't fool anyone ... and there is only one fool.

Masters 2012: Why Bubba Watson's Final Round Was So Special

on April 11 2012 2:12 PM

As Bubba Watson's tears began to flow as he bent over to pick his ball out of the cup on the second playoff hole, I started wondering if Sunday at Augusta is, in fact, the greatest sporting event of the year. Not the entire tournament, just Sunday ... from start to finish.

The reality is the average - another polite way of saying normal - sports fan is only truly interested in the Super Bowl if his or her team is in it. Same with any Game 7.

Call me about the World Cup when America is in the last game. If the NHL playoffs were about a month shorter and half the number of teams were in it, I might be interested; but not enough to plan my day around them. And when is the last time the United States won a gold medal in an Olympic event that we weren't predicted and expected to win? Or if there was an upset, one that you got to watch live as it happened.

The Masters is different.