Zach Balside

Sarah Phillips: Why ESPN Writer Garners So Much Attention

on May 03 2012 3:45 PM

As most of you likely know by now, Sarah Phillips, a former columnist for Covers (a popular sports betting site) and ESPN's Page 2 (now ESPN Playbook), was exposed by Deadspin Tuesday evening for the alleged fraud and scamming of a 19-year-old web entrepreneur and another 30-year-old investment hopeful. She was quickly let go by ESPN. 

Phillips responded with her own series of tweets, mainly defending herself and denying that she knew about any of the swindling, even though further evidence of chats and conversations prove she was very much aware (or at least letting someone use her alias as a means of doing the swindling). 

(To check out the whole story, and everything that goes along with it, be sure to check Deadspin.)

Anyway, my question, after being fully engulfed by the saga myself, is why do we care? The people who need to care most are ESPN, Covers, Phillips, her supposed business partner Nilesh Prasad, and those who got conned or nearly conned.