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Josh Hamilton: Four Home Run Game Triggers More Contract Talk

on May 09 2012 3:32 PM
Josh Hamilton: Four Home Run Game Triggers More Contract Talk

After a historic hitting performance that included four identical two-run homers and a hard-hit double, how can any baseball fan not be impressed with a post-steroid era slugger whon goes five-for-five with eight RBI and 18 total bases in a one nine-inning game? 

Josh Hamilton's performance may seem like evidence for the Rangers' owners to offer a huge contract extension.

But this is a baseball superstar who has many more questions than answers in his career.  Hamilton's drug and alcohol abuse is one of the most publicized stories in baseball, and his road to recovery included a pair of slips. The most recent was on Feb. 2 when he claimed to have had two or three drinks.

Now Hamilton is apparently sober, and crushing the ball. He is also subject to enduring speculation of his future with either the Rangers or another club. Hamilton is a product of a culture that has moved past the steroid era, but is still married to a media lifestyle where sports stars are more highlight clips than actual people.

Montreal Canadiens News: Habs Make Major Shift with New Boss

on May 06 2012 10:55 PM

A major shift has occurred on the seventh floor of the Montreal Canadians brass, and it's a refreshing sight for a franchise that became a laughing stock of the league after a season filled with class-less moves made by a man who many believe slithered his way to the top. 

Former General Manager Pierre Gauthier's reign of les Habitants was an utter disaster in public and player relations.  He not only traded away a fan favourite in the middle of a game, he also hired a coach he knew couldn't speak French, which made no sense from a man who was raised in Quebec speaking French.  To put it into perspective, it would be like General Motors hiring a new CEO who couldn't speak English. 

Language hasn't always been the main story in Montreal -- there have been coaches in the glorious past of les Habitants who didn't speak French, but that was before today's media age of wall to wall coverage.  The departure of the other province's team Les Nordique de Quebec in 1995 to Colorado didn't help things either, and as a result only increased the pressure for Les Canadiens de Montreal to be a French organization from the ice to the board room.

A New York Minute of Tebow Time [New York Jets News]

on May 06 2012 2:41 PM
A New York Minute of Tebow Time [New York Jets News]

Once upon a time, all roads led to Rome. 

Those times have changed, and now all roads that are on time go through New York, a city that doesn't sleep, because sleep is for the weak.  The apple is not big do to its size, New York is big because of its stars.

A new star has arrived with wide open eyes and he's just in time. In fact, he's such a big star he has his own clock, it's called "Tebow Time."

The Tim Tebow trade to the New York Jets is more than just a football trade, it's a marketing move for a market that likes stars that can make papers move faster than clocks.  Last year's champions may be the Giants of New York, but you wouldn't know it from the two hundred media crew who were assigned to hear the back up quarterback's press conference talk, at the time it seemed more like a bad case of gang green. 

To put it into perspective, it would be like Apple buying Blackberry, and no one being interested in hearing what Apple had to say?  Tim Tebow is not just stopping in to say hey, he's in the big apple to take a bite to what will surely be a fight for the starting job he knows fits just right.

NBA Playoffs 2012: More Excitement to Come?

on May 06 2012 2:40 PM

The NBA playoffs this year seem to be a fight between a snore and a bore.

What happen to the game that likes to say amazing happens here? Is it the shorten schedule from the lockout, is it the too many back to back nights that have zapped the energy? Or is it that the first round is not really in any doubt?

With the loss of the Dallas Mavericks, a team that was the defending champs "the amazing" is just not happening this year. 

Though the Mavericks weren't expected to beat the up and coming Thunder, but to be swept 4-0 with little fight just adds to the plight of this years playoffs. So far the playoffs have been as predictable as a Jersey Shore episode.

Whatever match up you look at in the East or West its really not any contest. The Utah Jazz are fighting to just win one game against the San Antonio Spurs. The Los Angeles Lakers are just toying with the Denver Nuggets like a sumo wrestler would be with a chicken nugget at McDonald's. Denver has no answer for Andrew Bynum's dominance in the paint, and the Lakers are just trying to round into form and see if they can take another shot at the throne.  

Junior Seau Death: Tragedy has Historic Consequences

on May 04 2012 11:12 AM

Junior Seau death is tragic not only to the ones who loved him, but more so to the ones who would have loved to be him.  In a culture built on bigger, stronger and faster is it any surprise to see modern day gladiators lives coming to an end in the same violent manner they were paid to defend?

Now, many people will say gladiators of our time are not slaves, and are paid kings' ransom to not only entertain, but live life like a hero who is celebrated for being vain.  In an age where Kings are mere symbols replaced by the power of the ultimately dollar, why are we so shocked that a man who gave his life for a ransom that was fit for a king, decided to put it to an end when he could no longer stand to defend?