It is clear that businesses should be using social media to a great degree. Facebook pages, Google+ accounts, Twitter, and Pinterest are among the most important for a business to use and maintain a significant presence. Although it is now essential for businesses to engage in social media, with more accounts and platforms to choose from, it helps to have some assistance in juggling all of them. 

Top SEO companies help businesses generally manage their social media accounts and implement their social media campaigns for optimal results. These companies engage in these methods on a daily basis and as a result know what works and what does not. For them, as well as for businesses managing their own social operations, aggregate tools allow for more efficiency. Most notably, Tweetdeck is a tool that has been developed to help Twitter users and marketers alike who want increased functionality out of the platform.

Efficiency Personified
In simple terms, Tweekdeck enables marketers to gain more information more quickly and engage with customers more efficiently. These are the essential benefits of the tool, and they are nothing short of a game-changer for those marketers that are using Twitter to have purposeful communication with customers. I have written previously about the importance of retailers engaging with customers to resolve customer complaints on Twitter to achieve customer service, PR, and reputation management goals. 

Now, with Tweetdeck, more is possible. I have written specifically about research detailing that retailers do not track complaints on social media and engage with those complaining enough, and a significant reason for this is not having the resources, namely staff and time, to do so. Now, Tweetdeck can clearly help this process because it makes tracking and engagement more efficient.

There are many different forms of Tweetdeck, and SEO companies that your business wants to partner with can advise further, but after reviewing several, the Chrome version offers the best options for businesses. Small features like infinite scrolling and blended columns make a big difference. Additionally, the Chrome version is built into a browser tab which makes for greater ease-of-use. Specifically, marketers can:

  • Track @mentions of your brand across different accounts easily in one place, blending feeds.
  • Organize direct communication with those customers that mention your brand and/or express a concern about an experience they had with your company.
  • Improved auto-completion of names allows marketers to find customers very easily.
  • Add Facebook to the platform interface providing further integration and single-location social management.

Businesses need to engage customers more on the platform and doing so with this tool can increase their efficiency and allow them to engage with more people.

Reach out to me directly at and @ryanwbudd and I can connect you with one of our search engine optimization consultants that deal directly with social media and reputation management. They can provide you with more information on how your business can utilize tools such as Tweetdeck to improve customer service on social media.