A man returned a 75-pound bag of cash that went tumbling off the back of an armored Brink's truck last week in Salt Lake City. The cash transportation company rewarded the man on Monday with $5,000 for his honesty, according to local station KSL TV.

Dan Kennedy found the orange bag after it was jarred loose from a truck on an I-80 off-ramp near Salt Lake City International Airport on March 31, according to the Deseret News. Kennedy said he was told late last week that he would be rewarded for his honesty with $5,000, and he met Monday with local Brink's officials on Monday, KSL reported. Kenney said the reward was all his once he signed some tax paperwork for the company.

"He says, 'Hey Dan, we'd like to thank you for being a good citizen, doing a good job,' " Kennedy said to KSL on Monday.

Kennedy was heading to work at an aerospace manufacturer when he happened across the bag, which he went to move so it wouldn't impede traffic. "I thought it was going to be light. I reached down to grab it, and I couldn’t move it,” Kennedy said to the Deseret News.

The bag, which was reportedly about four feet wide and two feet tall and weighed about 75 pounds, was full of neatly stacked large bills, but the exact figure of how much money was in the bag is unknown. Kennedy told the Deseret News that the large bag was filled with "steak-sized" smaller bags, one of which he said looked like it housed $22,000.

Kennedy told KSL that he felt almost anyone would have returned the bag, and that he feels a bit awkward about being rewarded for doing the right thing. Returning the back was simply the honest thing to do.

"Wow, that's a whole lot of money," Kennedy said of the $5,000 to KSL. "Why would I get anything for that?"