A Utah woman thought she was involved in a terrorist plot when she opened up a tampon to find a tiny package of white powder. Police however, identified the substance as cocaine.

According to the Smoking Gun, Cindy Davidson, 39, went to the NPS Store Sunday to buy a couple of items, one happened to be a box of tampons. When the woman returned home, she found that the cardboard applicators were filled with white powder.

Davidson called the police, who identified her discovery as cocaine. Authorities believe that the shopper may have discovered a sophisticated drug smuggling operation, reports the Daily Mail.

NPS, a salvage and freight recovery company, sells discounted merchandise that they obtain from misdirected or damaged freight. The box of tampons that Davidson purchased were Boots brand, a British-based health and beauty brand. Having never heard of the name before, Davidson purchased the brand of tampons because of the highly discounted price.

I noticed there was packaging inside that wasn't normal, Davidson told KSL-TV. I started getting nervous because I thought it might have been a terrorist attack. I called my sister first and said I was going to call the manufacturer the next day, and she told me to call the police.

It's weird, said Police Detective Carlie Wiechman to the Salt Lake Tribune. It's not something we've seen a ton of.

Police have not revealed how much cocaine was found, but did confirm that multiple tampons had been tampered with.

The Salt Lake City cops have removed the rest of the brand's tampons from the Utah store, revealed the Smoking Gun.

We're definitely looking into it until we can figure out exactly what's going on with the situation, said Wiechman. We're still actively trying to figure out what's going on with this.