UV Flu Technologies, Inc., www.uvflutech.com – the developer and manufacturer of biotech products (initially targeting indoor air-quality markets), announced today expansion of its sales force by 400%, to a current total of 120, in conjunction with the recent debut of the Company’s latest generation ViraTech™ UV-400 air purification systems aimed at residential markets.

With this massive expansion of personnel, the Company is now able to fully exploit its ever-growing network of distribution channels in an effort to obtain greater penetration into specific sectors; UVFT broke the initial performance by sector data down thusly:

• Medical 55%
• Sports/Leisure 15%
• Commercial/Industrial 10%
• Hotels/Senior Living 10%
• Residential 10%

Due to the Medical sector representing the perfect opportunity to prove the brand as one of only a handful of FDA-certified (Class II medical listing) air-quality medical devices, and to validate the efficacy of laboratory testing of the system, this sector has become UVFT’s primary initial focus.

The UV-400 uses high-intensity UV light inside a cleaning chamber, which is a quite a leap from existing designs on the market, touting a 99.2% first-pass cleaning rate for airborne bacteria.

Indeed, glowing reports from both the New England Baptist Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital have cemented the brand in the public consciousness as an purifier system safe and powerful enough for some of the nation’s top hospitals.

President of UVFT, Jack Lennon, noted how arrival of the latest generation UV-400 systems at the Company’s Boston shipment depot, plus a decided uptick in consumer interest in the brand and the strengthened distribution network staffed by a small army of highly capable sales reps, constituted a perfect storm of events which should directly translate into optimal sales for the UV-400 model.

Mr. Lennon cited the drive UVFT has in the sales field, noting how the Company is well on its way to the near-term goal of 200 active sales reps by late July, and indicated that market receptivity was a key factor in accelerating the residential market sales initiative.

With plans to announce delivery/commercial availability just around the corner, UVFT is moving now to consolidate its position as a provider of choice for consumers seeking the highest quality, longest lasting, easiest to use laboratory certified system for safeguarding the health and safety of family members.