Val Chmerkovskiy essentially dissed his new partner Elizabeth Berkley on Monday night’s “Dancing With The Stars.” The professional dancer said he learned how to speak English by watching her old show, but preferred one character over another.

Chmerkovskiy might make hearts melt when he glides across the ballroom floor on “Dancing With The Stars,” but he definitely could learn how to make a good first impression. He essentially told Kelly Monaco he was old, said he was disappointed with how young Zendaya Coleman was, and now on season 17 of “DWTS” he told his new partner that he preferred her co-star’s character Kelly Kapowski to her Jessie Spano on the hit 1990s show “Saved By The Bell.” Oh Val. When will he learn?

Berkley shrugged off the snub, which he attributed to the fact that he was attracted to Kapowski’s Eastern European name, but when he went in for a hug to make things better, the 41-year-old beauty couldn’t believe why she was embracing Chmerkovskiy.

In the clip, Berkley started out by saying, “You learned English by watching ‘Saved By The Bell,’” but Chmerkovskiy cuts her off. “Honestly, I was a fan of the other one,” he interjected.

“Are you serious? Oh my god!” Berkely answered. The professional dancer tried to laugh it off and said he was “sorry,” but then added, “I had a crush on the other one. What was her name?”

At the end of their rehearsal he told Berkley she did a great job, and then joked, “Kelly Kapowski would have probably been a little better.”

But the two seem to have gotten past that awkward moment. Berkley recently told Access Hollywood that she and her new partner have become very trusting of each other.

“My own stuff is coming up — just being led by someone and trusting and surrendering to that. That’s something daily he’s kind of instilling in me, that I can trust him,” the “Showgirls” star said. “We’re building a beautiful trust, and I’m excited to see what that feels like.”

Another thing Chmerkovskiy is supportive of is her 5’10’’ frame. “Val is very much just wanting me to stand in all my woman-ness,” the 41-year-old added. “I so appreciate that.”