ValCom Inc. reached a major milestone with the announcement that one of its major subsidiaries, MyFamilyTV, has cleared an additional 16 million homes for the KidMango programming block. This partnership is not only catching the eyes of the television audience but is also making noise on Wall Street.

In only a few short months, MyFamilyTV has achieved astounding growth. In late 2008, the network’s programming was available to 15 million homes. With the signing of this agreement, MyFamilyTV’s program offerings will now be distributed to over 58 million homes across the United States.

KidMango is a joint venture between MyFamilyTV’s parent company, ValCom, Inc. and PorchLight Entertainment. The program lineup features 8 programs and includes animated titles like “Jay Jay The Jet Plane,” “Jakers,” “Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego,” and “Dennis The Menace.” KidMango programming will be seen on The Worship Network starting in September.

The Worship Network is operated by Nashville based Christian Network (CNI) and is one of the networks that are part of Ion Television’s digital multicast perform. Launched in 1992, The Worship Network was founded by Home Shopping Network and PaxTV founder Lowell “Bud” Paxson. The Worship Network was a part of the original PaxTV DTV lineup and has remained a part of the company’s digital lineup after it rebranded as Ion Television. Ion’s digital multicast is available on over 50 digital television stations across the US including DTV stations in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

When asked about the impact of this distribution agreement, C.A. Powers, President of MyFamilyTV, stated, “I’m excited about this partnership with The Worship Network as we have been in talks for quite some time. It’s great to start off our relationship by providing The Worship Network with the KidMango block and we look forward to working with them on future projects. We are in the process of building additional blocks of family programming and I’m constantly on the lookout for new fresh, original content.”