Valentines Day 2012: Gifts for Geeks

on February 10 2012 2:33 PM
  • Quirky USB Hub
    Every geek runs into this problem at some point: They have too many gadgets and not enough USB connectors. This Greek goddess USB hub will help your geeky partner stand out while their gadgets are plugged in.
  • The Boxee Box
    For any media buff, the Boxee Box is a perfect match. It organizes an entire media library on your home network and allows you to control it from you television set. The Boxee Box gathers every available TV show and movie available online and lets you stream it in HD from your television set. The Boxee Box will completely change the way your geeky pal consumes media.
  • Timex Weekender
    Geeks have changed over the years, but there’s one thing that hasn’t: Every geek loves a good old fashioned watch. Get this Timex Weekender for $40. It’s a classic, and the military-style band can be switched out for others easily.
  • Unicorn Meat
    Every geek dreams of sampling unicorn meat, and thanks to the people at Think Geek, that dream can now come true. The company’s canned unicorn meat, from Radiant Farms, is an excellent source of sparkles and contains a little bit of magic in every bite--at least that’s what the can says. When you open the can, a stuffed, dead, dismembered unicorn is all you get.
  • Huge Storage: 128GB Flash Drive
    When it comes to storing data, men--especially geeky ones--don’t mess around. Skip out on the extravagance and get something with a huge storage capacity. This Patriot Memory flash drive stores up to 128 gigabytes of data. He’ll never fill it, and he’ll love trying to.
  • An Evening of Romance
    Every geek loves a little romance. Treat them to an evening indoors and save some cash. They won’t mind. There’s plenty of fun to be had for free.
  • "Mr. Say" Sunglasses
    Save your geeky friends’ eyes. These “Mr. Say” sunglasses were produced by French eyewear designer Alain Mikli. They retail for roughly $198. Geeks will dig these.
  • Craft Design Technology Stapler
    Turn your geeky lovers’ desk into something cool and futuristic. This stapler from Craft Design Technology will help do that. If this particular geek is constantly working with sets of documents, they’ll love this beautiful piece of technology.
  • Field Notes
    Geeks tend to get things done. Those things wouldn’t get done if geeks weren’t able to keep track of all the information they’re constantly dealing with. Help your geek stay organized with this notebook from the Field Notes brand.
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Valentine's Day is a special time of year. Be sure to treat your favorite geek right with any of these awesome gifts. 

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